Our goal? Demystifying product management for all

Vincent Pavero,

The more we discuss about Product Management and Product Leadership, the more we feel everything is confusing, including for product managers, designers and developers. Many things seems overly complicated and I think we're in an environment where some people like it this way because they can make money from it.

A lot of confusion about Product Management

The more we talk around Product Management and Product Leadership, the more we feel like a lot is not clear for many people and especially for the people directly involved in product teams: product managers (and the infamous product owners), designers and developers. A lot we can see and read is unnecessarily complex and we think we're more and more in an environment set for failure as some people found how to take advantage of the confusion to make money. We want to try to give another perspective.

Some silos need to be broken.

We also think the coverage of product management in Hi-Tech companies is very segmented, to not say it's just like silos. On one side we have the niche coverage from product professionals, not very open to our closest collaborators like designers and developers. On the other side, there is the whole agile community who talk a lot about "Product". Those 2 worlds are too far away from each other and we'd like to believe there are some constructive bridges to be built.

We, product professionals actually depend a lot on digital transformation to maximize our potential. Digital transformation also desperately need better product management and leadership to achieve the best possible results.

Goal: To interact with you.

We'll cover many topics with articles and hopefully will be able to setup interactive moments with the audience like AMAs and Workshops. There is a lot to be done and we sincerely hope our experiences and insights will be able to help you a bit in enabling products teams to deliver their best value.