Announcing Homeric V5 - The first Transformation OS

Vincent Pavero,
A domain expert represented as an astronaut watching change propagate across organizations as energy through machine cogs.

Almost three years ago, when announcing the launch of Homeric, Alban and I couldn't imagine where our entrepreneurial journey would take us. From high performance for product teams, the technology we've been building now covers much more ground, enabling organizations to run enhanced, data-driven transformation or improvement initiatives at any scale.

We've been co-building Homeric with amazing customers (thank you all again for your support, collaboration, and feedback!), including world-class players like CGI, Roche, CBC, Alten and Michelin, who allowed us to deeply understand the reach and potential of our vision and technology.

Homeric has evolved from an AI assistant to a comprehensive operating system, empowering leaders, coaches, and experts to drive their transformation and improvement initiatives. Our technology enables the propagation of expertise across employees, teams, and departments in a scalable, measurable, and human-centred way.

Homeric is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their work culture. Whether it's about being more agile, transitioning from project to product, adopting new business models, or onboarding new employees, it enables professionals to create reference playbooks that are automatically distributed and evangelized at any scale. This feature facilitates harmonizing practices across multiple departments, sites, or coaches.

Attached to these playbooks, leaders, coaches, and experts can train our tool to assess whether a given practice from the playbook is genuinely adopted. Homeric will now continuously monitor how change spreads across organizations, generating real-time benchmarks and progress reports from the individual or team level to consolidated data at the company level.

We can't wait to show what Homeric can do to more people, and we'll be proud to be your trusted partner in any transformation or improvement efforts you may need to implement!